Recently Introduced Products:

Our InstantFire-12B high-speed 144-shot controller provides wireless control of 12 separate digital channels from a single hand-held transmitter at an unbelievably low cost per shot. It has 1/2 mile range and is fully backwards compatible with all of our 6 channel receivers while incorporating numerous advances in transmitter technology. It is powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries that can provide 4 months of continuous run-time. Power is turned on and off from the keypad (like a cell phone). So there are no protruding switches, and the transmitter fits easily in a shirt pocket. An array of 12 multicolor indicators continuously show battery level, arm state, and which shot on the currently selected channel is waiting to be fired next.The transmitter is available in 144-shot multichannel and 12-shot fixed-channel configurations. It can fire in instantaneous random-fire, sequential single-shot (semi-automatic), and rate selectable automatic-fire modes. It has FCC and IC certification and is shipping now! See Special Effects Systems.

Our high-speed MicroReceiver is now in production and provides an even greater level of miniaturization than our RFLS-491HSRC mini-receivers while maintaining a radio control range of 1/4 mile line-of-sight without any external antenna. It is fully compatible with all of our sequential and random-fire high-speed transmitters and contains the same battery monitor and output continuity detection features found in all Holatron receivers. Powered by optional alkaline or silver-oxide watch batteries or lithium cell, it can reliably fire 2 standard e-matches in series or parallel. Measuring just 1.75" square, this receiver is easily concealed. See Special Effects Systems.

Our RFLS-491HSRC series single-shot mini-receivers provide the ultimate in miniaturization while maintaining the range and features associated with all Holatron UHF receivers. These are inexpensive enough to be suitable for disposable applications. They are available from Roger George Rentals enclosed or on stand-alone circuit boards with selectable cue number or with selectable channel number and "A" or "B" command. View descriptions and instruction manuals for this product under Special Effects Systems.

Our Smart Holatron Repeater retransmits properly formatted Holatron commands on 418 or 315 MHz for extended range and enhanced coverage in stadium and arena environments. It error checks the retransmitted commands for additional safety and does not introduce any perceptible delay in the retransmitted command. Click Additional Information or Download Instruction Manual.

Our Wireless Propane Blaster provides a sequenced solenoid valve and ignition coil output for repetitive explosion and/or flame effects. 418 and 315 MHz versions are available. Click Additional Information or Download Instruction Manual.

Our pin-matrix wireless interfaces provide an instant means of converting Pyro Magic, FireOne, PyroMate, and similar cable firing panels to wireless firing systems capable of directly firing Holatron 10000RS and 10000RS24 spread-spectrum receivers. Operation is simple and intuitive. Systems are currently available in sizes ranging from 32 to 128 cues. Contact Factory for additional information.

Our RFLS-MK3HS acoustic triggered UHF transmitter simplifies the task of precisely synchronizing simulated bullet hits or other effects with gunshots, explosions, crashes, etc. View a description and instruction manual for this product under Special Effects Systems.

We have developed many variations of our spread-spectrum system products, such as higher power systems with line-of-sight range up to 10 miles, multi-channel transmitters and receivers that permit up to 48 co-located transmitters to control separate groups of receivers simultaneously without interference, compact 2-shot spread-spectrum receivers, transmitters that require a 4-digit PIN code for activation, and a multiconductor cable wireless interface that plugs into the cable connectors or splitters in a Pyro Magic, FireOne, PyroMate, or similar system to convert it instantly to a wireless system capable of firing our series 10000RS spread-spectrum receivers over a range of up to 10 miles. These interfaces are available in 32 through 128 cue versions.

Development of our ScriptFire-W fully scripted computer-fired wireless firing system is nearly complete. This is capable of downloading Finale Fireworks CSV files and firing them over our series 10000RS spread-spectrum receivers. This system is much less expensive than any existing computer fired systems. It has many novel features such as instant shutdown deadman control and instant changeover to redundant controllers in the event of controller malfunction. Radio range is 10 miles line-of-sight for exceptional radio link reliability. Radio link is bidirectional so that radio link strength, receiver battery status, and receiver continuity test results can be viewed on the controller screen. Click on the links below for some demos of the operation of our prototype ScriptFire-W system.

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Computer Firing System Video 1

Computer Firing System Video 2

Computer Firing System Video 3

Computer Firing System Video 4