Wireless Firing Control Systems

Important Announcement:

Holatron Systems headquarters and repair facility is now in Ashland, Oregon. Please note our new shipping and receiving address:
Holatron Systems LLC
1950 Tamarack Pl.
Ashland, OR   97520-3542
Our phone, email, and web address remain the same.

Holatron Systems specializes in safe and reliable wireless firing / control systems and peer-to-peer (mesh) and server-client communications networks plus expert electronic design & consulting. All hardware and software design is done in-house by our own staff, which means we are always ready to provide custom modifications and upgrades inexpensively with very short turn-around time.

Since introducing the first wireless firing system in the industry for rocket and pyrotechnic display ignition, we have continued to provide a dependable source of new and existing products and service. While competitors come and go, you can be confident that when you need us quickly for parts, service, or standard or custom products, we will be here for you! You can always speak to a knowledgeable human being when you call us!

Most of our existing products can be upgraded to the latest technology for a minimal charge, typically $15.00 per item. Click on the NEWS tab for descriptions of our new products using the latest advanced technology.

Our UHF products feature user-selectable channel configurations spanning up to 12 channels and 144 cues (spread-spectrum systems can span 24 channels with 9,999 cues each), built-in output continuity checking, battery fuel-gauge indication, cue & channel indication, and receivers pairable to any transmitter. Bidirectional versions of these systems are now available which confirm reliable radio link at the transmitter prior to firing. Transmitters can be supplied with private system codes for optimal security for one-time additional charge of $15 for reservation of your private code. We also have reliable radio triggered (12 joules, 315 volts) and hand triggered dual high energy (5 joules, 315 volts each) firing modules with built-in galvanometer and charge level indication.

Repeaters (powered by AA or rechargeable batteries or solar panels) are available for all above systems to provide enhanced coverage and extended range if necessary.

Single frequency systems operate on 315, 418, or 433 MHz. 315 MHz is recommended, as interference is never a problem on that frequency. In any case, interference at worst will result in a failure-to-fire, not accidental firing, due to our proprietary digital error-checking communication protocol.

Our products are FCC, IC, and/or CE approved and designed and manufactured in the USA.

Wireless Firing Control SystemsWireless Firing Control SystemsWireless Firing Control Systems