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Wireless Firing Control Systems

Holatron Systems specializes in wireless firing control systems, safe and reliable. Including communications networks plus expert electronic design & consulting. All hardware and software design is done in-house by our own staff, which means we are always ready to provide custom modifications and upgrades inexpensively with very short turn-around time.

We have been providing state-of-the-art wireless control and firing systems and advancing our technology continuously for over 35 years, providing a dependable source of new and existing products and service. You can be confident that in the future when you need us for parts, service, or standard or custom products, we will be here for you!

While innovating a broad array of exciting new products with advanced technologies, we continue to support our established product lines so that there is no risk that purchased products will become obsolete. Newer products are designed to maintain system backwards compatibility, and most existing products can be upgraded to the latest technology for a minimal charge, typically $15.00 per item. Click on the NEWS tab for descriptions of some of our new products.

In creating products for pyrotechnic, theatrical special effects, and various military applications, our top priority is always safety. Second priority is reliability, third is low firing latency, and fourth is affordability.

Standard products feature built-in output continuity checking, battery fuel-gauge indication, cue & channel indication, and genuine PyroClip output connectors.

All new and upgraded wireless controllers now feature user-selectable channel configurations spanning up to 12 channels and 144 cues. (Spread-spectrum systems can span 9,999 cues.) All can be supplied with private system codes for optimal security at a minimal one-time additional charge of $15 for creation of your private code. All new and upgraded receivers feature the ability to be easily paired with any Holatron controller, new or old, with a simple user procedure.

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Our products are FCC, IC, and/or CE approved and designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

Wireless Firing Control SystemsWireless Firing Control SystemsWireless Firing Control Systems