Remote Environment Sensing

Leveraging our wireless technology of designing and manufacturing high-speed digitally-encoded long-range wireless systems with an unequaled record of reliability and safety,  Holatron now offers wireless data acquisition to include the remote monitoring of environmental variables.

First release of remote pH sensing.

The remote site pH sensors are easily configurable, scalable and use the same proven-hardware from firing systems. Systems include software-based sensor calibration and real-time cloud-based data reporting and storage.

Sensor Architecture
Sensor Architecture

The remote sensing system is an essential management tool for aquaponics and hydroponics farms.


Base = Holatron Utility Board 418 MHz – Supports 16 sites – includes USB Connection
Site Station = Holatron Utility Board 418 MHz  – supports 4 Sensors and includes signal conditioning board
Repeater = Holatron smart repeater, 418 MHz

Range is 1/2 mile without repeater


Base Windows software provides Web-based support for monitoring and calibration. From the Base board USB connection, the sensor data is received, processed for on-site and remote display and conditioned for further remote storage and replay.

Test setup

Site Station - 4 Sensors - in this example: 1 input connected with leads to Sensor
4 Sensors
Solar power is available

Remote Sensor Graph

Sensor Graph


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