About Us

All of our software and hardware development is done by our in-house team. So we are able to quickly respond to requests for custom product creations and modifications. In addition, we can provide engineering consultation in technologies that are outside of our standard product area. Contact us anytime to discuss your unique applications and to see if we can be of assistance.

We are available for electronic, printed circuit board, and software design of high reliability products such as pyrotechnic  firing systems, wireless voting systems, precision instrumentation and control systems, and electronic medical devices. We specialize in the design of products controlled by embedded microcomputers.

Meet our experienced team:

Charlie Holdaway – CEO

Graduate of MIT. Electronic engineer with 52 years professional experience. 39 years experience designing electrical firing systems. 36 years experience designing radio firing systems. General Class Amateur Radio license (W6RGR). Awarded 14 patents.

Mike Rosenman – CTO

Graduate of NTU (Buenos Aires, Argentina). MSEE with 31 years professional experience in the electronic medical equipment field. 28 years experience designing embedded RF systems. General Class Amateur Radio license (LU9BBN). Awarded 1 patent.

Gayle Bates – CFO

Licensed California pyrotechnician, public display & theatrical 37 years. San Diego Fire Department explosive device technician 22 years. FBI Hazardous Devices School 1984. ATF advanced explosives investigative techniques 1987. Design & manufacture for leading firing system company in San Diego, California.

Erin Day – Senior Electronic Technician

Graduate of University of Hawaii, Marine Biology. Responsible for diagnosis and repair of returned items, final assembly and checkout of standard products, and purchasing and maintenance of electronic inventory.